My God
Thy Kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
My God
Why do you tergiversate
Bless your creature
Guide me in the cool magnificense of gnosis
Refresh me with the fruits of verity
Soak me with sanity and dignity
My God
Why do you tergiversate.
1000 years I stood by your side
Did not staggered never did rest
Proclaimed your word to the world
Established the order.
My God
Why do you tergiversate!?
Endow me only with your love
As the price for all of my guilt
For blood and death and murder and pain
For every undiluted perfidy
My God
Why do you tergiversate from me?
the most faithful follower, the bright torchlight, the incarnation of catharsis!?
Favor me with perception and life, let me be your prosperous slave.
Not these, the congenerous worms,  only a toy for your glory.
Give ME the furor, the odium, the love, do not let me be a slave for slaves.
My God
Why do you tergiversate?


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Wenn man sagt "ohne dich ist alles einsam"

sollte man bedenken, das es für Alle anderen bedeutet:

"mit dir ist alles einsam".

28.4.10 12:18, kommentieren


you may not like my methods, but you´ll surely know my name...

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